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Here are some FAQS compiled over time (should have been compiled long ago)

Usage problems

Q:My playback window is black unless I move it, what gives?
A:Under XFree86 4.0.x on some video cards there is a wonderful thing called XVideo. Unfortunately, at the time of the release of 0.9.2 I could not get XVideo to work on my voodoo3. Now I have and there is a patch available at the downloads page which fixes this bug.
Q:Does Xtheater support the XVideo extension?
A:The default 0.9.2 release does not support XVideo by default. However, the patch mentioned in the previous question also frees Xtheater to do hardwarescaling and filtering using XVideo. So it is possible. These changes are done much more cleanly and with more flexibility than this in CVS.
Q:When I try to use GL modes, under certain conditions, the application freezes/crashes, should I file a bug report?
A:Probably not unless you have a way to fix it. I am aware that the GL stuff still has issues, and am working on it.
Q:Should I use the GL stuff?
A:Only if you cannot get the XVideo extension to work with your configuration. XVideo is a much cleaner way of doing this. If you have a modern Matrox card, nVidia chipset, ATI Radeon or Rage128, or a 3Dfx with @D capabilities, then there isprobably a way to get XVideo to work.The GL support is unstable and not as efficient. It is worth a shot if need be. And in the released versions, it's the only way to get a scaled fullscreen. In CVS, that's another story...
Q:I cannot figure out how to get the player to use GL, how do I do it?
A:First, an GL implementation needs to be installed (tested configurations: OpenGL 1.2.1 on Solaris 8 (ultra 10) and Mesa 3.4 under Linux.) Then, run ./configure with --enable-gl. After this, open up a mpeg file, go to the plugin options, and the GL options should be there.
Q:I try to open media, but all I get is a dialog saying "Unable to locate a working plugin for ..." what does this mean?
A:This error is a very vague one used in 0.5.x for practically any error condition. You should try a 0.9.x release to get more informative feedback.

Compilation problems

Q: The compile will not work, it complains about missing sdl-config, smpeg-config, smpeg.h or sdl.h, are files missing from the dsitribution?
A: No files are missing. These files should be installed by SDL and smpeg. Most common cause of this problem is installation from rpm of these pacakges without installing the corresponding -devel pacakges (smpeg-devel & SDL_devel)
Q: The compile fails on the wm plugin with "wine/windef16.h: No such file or directory" Is there a good way to fix this?
A: Please use the latest version, this problem is resolved.
Q: The configure script will never ever ever find libaviplay, why not?
A: Download a more current version of the distribution, this has been fixed.

General Development Questions

Q: Will you make Xtheater into a Gnome app?
A: Xtheater already supports many of the niceities of the Gnome environment such as drag and drop and the little tear-away interface (why people want to tear things away is still beyond me). Of course it does so without requireing Gnome libraries, and I never intend on requiring gnome libraries. I feel that requiring Gnome libraries when not necessary is just wrong :) They need GTK for gnome, and the gnome extensions to GTK may be nice for some applications, but definitely have no use in something like a multimedia viewer.
Q:Why use GL instead of something more appropriate, such as YUV overlays?
A:YUV overlays are now supported, at least in MPG and VCD. GL is a nice last resort for those who have very poor or non-existant xvideo support and good GL support.