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First off, install the prerequisite libraries SDL, GTK+, smpeg, and aviplay. Second, either configure libaviplay to look for windows dlls in a directory where you have windows dlls, make a symlink from this directory (i.e. /dos/c/windows/system/) to /usr/local/lib/Xtheater/win32/ like this:
ln -s /dos/c/windows/system /usr/local/lib/Xtheater/win32
Making the directory /usr/local/lib/Xtheater if it did not exist before. Alternatively, if you do not wish to do this or do not have any form of windows installed you can either download codecs from here or ignore the dll segment and just not run avi/asf format files.


Unpack the Xtheater-0.5.x tarbal and then cd into the Xtheater-0.5.x directory. Run the followng sequence for a quick install:

(become root)
make install

Hopefully everything worked fine and you can carry on your merry way by running xtheater from /usr/local/bin/xtheater. If you are familiar with standard configure scripts, feel free to do a ./configure --help and do whatever. If you have problems, contact me and I will try to help you best I can.