Still need to make this page more proper, 0.5.2 is out, with embedded movie option, new screenshot below. Note that while movie is embedded, fullscreen button is hidden, this is because fullscreen does not yet work with embedded playback. It also should have some ability to play VCD, though this needs more work too.
PythonTheater is my latest little project. I wanted to see what I could do through using Python rather than C or C++ to write a player. I was in the middle of rewriting Xtheater completely in C++ when I decided I wanted to learn python, and thus this project was born. At first it was merely a bit of curiousity, but I quickly realized when I had a basic working and usable player within a few hours of coding, that this could lead to good things. What resulted is a player that exhibits a higher degree of stability and usabilty, which is much easier to code and maintain at my end. You may download my current polished release of it here. Here is a screen shot of it in action,using the new embedded-style to play an asf in software rendering mode, which lends itself better to screenshots than XVideo modes:

It still needs some work. First of all getting it to do network streaming support (take the code from Xtheater and integrate into modules). Of course packing up nicely, the makefile does not lend itself well to multiple platforms. Another thing I plan is playlist support, as soon as I create (or someone submits) a good playlist interface. The playlist is likely to be the last thing to happen. If anyone wants to help me make these things happen faster, let me know. I haven't been working much on this project due to lack of time (thankfully, it should be less work to make changes now..), so even the trivial things I know how to do may take a while to get done.