Xtheater User's Guide
Table of Contents Installation MPG/VCD Advanced Playback

Basic Usage

Media can be opened in many different ways. For one, typing xtheater followed by the location will cause xtheater to attempt to open that location. If you do not specify a location, you will be presented with this window:
Open a file either by selecting the appropriate option from the Media menu or press the "eject" button for a file open dialog. Also, if you are running an application that manages files with drag and drop, you can drag an icon from a window of that application to the control window of Xtheater pictured above. Applications where this has been tested and known to work include: And file managers that do not work: Others may also work, Mozilla and Galeon have been tested as not working with Xtheater with the Mozilla 0.8.1 release, but as with many things in Mozilla, this is very likely to change. The drop from a Mozilla window in 0.8.1 is in a completely useless format, in my opinion, and parsing it into something useful is a non-trivial task.

After opening a file, the control window will reconfigure itself to show all options relevant to the file opened. If the media is MPG format, the window looks like this:

The buttons do as you might expect, also, a playback window will pop up on screen. This window can be resized and will scale to fit whatever you resize it to, taking advantage of hardware scaling and interpolation when available.

To open a new file, just repeat the process and a the current file will automatically close before opening the new clip. You can exit the program and close current media without an exit from the Media menu.

General operation is straightforward. Advanced operation for MPG/VCD playback is provided in next section, followed by AVI/ASF details.

Table of Contents Installation MPG/VCD Advanced Playback