Xtheater User's Guide
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The following table has some ocmmon problems with resolutions:
Trying to open certain files cause things to crash, and the "Crux" theme is being used. Trying to open the error dialog with the Crux theme causes a crash, temporarily deselecting Crux and trying again will likely give a more informative error message
Trying to open AVI or ASF files results in error "Unresolved Symbol XFree86VidMode in libaviplay.so". aviplay was not linked with libXxf86vm. Add -lXxf86vm to the LIBS line in lib/Makefile in the avifile CVS tree.
Xtheater saysit cannot find libwm or libsmpeg configure was unable to find certain key packages installed and so probably did not compile the plugins. Make sure you meet the requirements for the install.
When fullscreen is selected, the video appears in the middle of the screen, but no bigger. Xtheater is attempting to set the video mode to most closely match the video being played. In order for this to work, there needs to be Video Modes that closely matches the video being played. Some sample Modelines for your XF86Config are available, Alternatively, use scaling fullscreen, as documented in the MPG/VCD Advanced Playback and AVI/ASF Advanced Playback

Table of Contents VidMode Support